Q.  How many people fit in the Enclosed Photo Booth?
A.  With over 27 square feet of interior space, our photo booth is the largest around. The Photo Booth accommodates 1-10 people comfortably and can also accommodate a wheelchair.

Q. What are my photo options?
A. We offer five unique photo prints options.  Please take at look at our Print Options page.

Q. How much of a deposit is required to reserve the booth for my event?
A.  We require a $100 deposit towards your package, which formally reserves your date.

Q.  Do my guests have to pay for prints?
A.  No.  Your package includes unlimited prints!

Q.  Is there a limit on the number of photos my guests can take?
A.  No.  Your package includes a limitless photo session!

Q.  What size are the photos?
A.  The printer prints 4" X 6"photos. Print Option #3 and Print Option #4 can be split in half to form two identical 2" x 6" strips.

Q.  How much space does the Enclosed / Open Air Booth require?
A.  The booth requires an indoor 10ft X 10ft space with access to an electrical outlet. We ask for this larger footprint because we need to accommodate the prop table and the line of eager guests that is always present. The actual booth has a 6.5' x 6.5' footprint.

Q.  Can the Photo Booth fit through a doorway?
A.  Yes. Our Photo Booth breaks down into smaller components and can fit through even small doorways.

Q. Can we have a specialized message displayed on the prints?
A. Absolutely! We personalize the prints to display your name and event and date or your company logo and a message. (Example for a wedding: "Dora & Zach's Wedding / February 26th, 2017") 

Q. Does our package include an attendant?
A.  Yes.  There will be a friendly, professional attendant present.

Q.  What quality are the photos?
A.  We use dye sublimation technology printers which produce photo-quality prints that are crisp with natural vibrant colors and continuous tones. They produce 4x6" borderless photos with a water, smudge, and UV resistant overcoat in less than 15 seconds. Some photo booths use inexpensive inkjet printers as photo booth printers instead of high quality dye sublimation photo printers. Inkjet prints don’t last.  They smudge when wet and fade over time.

Q.  Is set-up and tear down time part of the scheduled time?
A.  No.  We will be there before the event start time to set up the booth and will break down the booth at the scheduled end time. 

Q.  What is Idle Time?
A.  Idle time pertain to hours in which the photo booth is set up, but not operational. Forinstance, if your event location states that vendors must be set up by a specified time, but the photo booth run time is to be an hour later.

Q.  What if I have an event outside of El Paso or Las Cruces?
A.  Travel Fees are $0.75 / Mile outside of what ever town is closer to your event, El Paso or Las Cruces. Feel free to contact us about traveling fees.

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